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Google Maps Reimagined

In the Fall of 2018, Google sponsored a collaboration for 18 SCAD students with the brief of reimagining the Google Maps App experience for a younger, global audience. The push was for Google Maps to become much more than an app for navigation. The collaboration lasted for 10 weeks, with 6 weeks dedicated purely on the research aspect of the project. Students within various majors were assigned responsibilities depending upon their core capability. I was assigned the role of a UX designer.

The final solution we developed was multifold that is described in detail in the project website that was developed entirely by me. Due to the project being under an NDA, I am only able to share a limited sample for public view. For further details, please contact me in person and I will be happy to explain.

  • ClientGoogle
  • Duration10 Weeks
  • RolesUser Experience Research, User Experience Design, Front-End Development
  • ToolsSketch, Principle, Illustrator, After Effects, Figma, Sublime Text for HTML/CSS

Google Maps for a younger generation

The prompt posed the question, What would Google Maps look like if it was designed from the ground-up specifically for mobile youth’s (for ages 18-24) behaviors, needs and aspirations? Navigational apps are primarily used to get from Point A to Point B. Google Maps is moving away from being strictly about navigation, rather incorporate more content and newer discovery based features.

We had to design for a global audience, taking into account all their cultural differences, apart from factors like cost and quality of data, even bandwidth issues that might occur. We were encouraged to come up with solutions using newer technologies and formats such as Augmented/Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence.


Dropping all existing, pre-conceived notions

We began the project with conducting both primary and secondary research, interviewing over a hundred people, 50% of which were remote interviews conducted with participants all over the globe. We ended up with a little more than 900 data points which had to be affinitized over two, very long sessions.

Our questions were based around navigation, discovery and mannerisms but we really wanted to get to the real motivation for an 18-24 year old in this day and age. Some insights were evident but a lot more were quite surprising which helped us generate unique solutions to really cater to the younger generation.

Affinitization 1
Data Points
The solution is password protected. Please reach out to me in order to know more about the same.