Harkat حركت is not a project, just a cool name to group my motion media work.


Samayam tries to explore the concept of time and it's importance within our lives. An aspect of this project was based around creating seamless transitions between scenes. Primarily done using Cinema4D with additional finishing being done using Red Giant Trapcode and eventually composited in After Effects.

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Duniya refers to this life more specifically the journey between Life and Death. The brief of this project was to practice visualization and movement and overall try expressing emotion through geometric shapes and cognitive symbols. The bright colors, otherworldy visuals and stimulating patterns are an attempt at exploring the limits of human perception.

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Google Cloud Next

We were tasked at creating a promo for an event of our choice. Material Design is something I have been infactuated with and creating this promo was an attempt at trying to attribute it to Motion Media. Originally, Google Cloud Next's promo was mostly live action but my take on it was utilizing simple shapes.

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Logo Animations

App Prototypes