Visual Design + User Experience

Samsung's Next Generation Smartphone

Samsung had approached SCAD to sponsor a collaboration with the intention to research the future of the smartphone. With 2019 slated to be the year of smartphones with foldable display technology and the recent release of it's own - Galaxy Fold, Samsung reached out to SCAD to come up with unique ideas that could be incorporated into their foldable device and make use of the breakthrough technology to it's complete potential.

I was part of a team of 16 students that had researched and developed mock concepts that recontextualizes the idea of communication as we know. My role in this project was of a Visual Designer primarily prototying the finalized concepts and tying in the overall aesthetic of the solution. I have a special focus on the primary research that is being conducted and eventually making an attempt to visualize the huge amount of data that we have received.

  • ClientSamsung
  • Duration10 Weeks
  • RolesUser Experience Research, User Experience Design, Front-End Development
  • ToolsSketch, Principle, Illustrator, After Effects, Figma

What does the future look like?

Samsung set a project brief that had asked us to gauge the expectations that users will have with the new foldable display technology present in the Galaxy Fold. We were asked to explore the pain points and figure out how a user could take advantage of the unique form factor while communicating in their daily lives.

The scope also entailed redesigning the native communication apps present in the Samsung UI such as Phone, Messages etc. We had the liberty of using other apps in order to address these new use cases while still focussing on the core essence of communication.


Learning about tomorrow

Our research goal was to understand how people use and interact with the given communication tools that are present in front of them. Since this was for the new Galaxy Fold smartphone with it's unique folding mechanism, we utilized multiple techniques to investigate this interaction. From conducting conventional interviews to A/B Testing, we even sought to gain inspiration even from the physical world.

One of the unique tests that was formulated and conducted by my team-mate Chris and I, involved participants following a sequence of activities grounded in studying their natural interaction with objects.

Opening/Closing Test
Data Points
The solution is password protected. Please reach out to me in order to know more about the same.